A Built Heritage

One of the smallest incorporated towns in North America, Annapolis Royal boasts over 135 designated heritage properties. In 2006 The Heritage Canada Foundation awarded the town the Prince of Wales Prize in recognition of its exemplary commitment to the preservation of its built heritage.

Heritage homes in Fortier Mills, Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia

A short walk through Annapolis Royal is a stroll through Canadian architectural history. The pitch of the roofs, the shape of the windows, the size of the entranceways, all trace the rich cultural landscape of the area. Cape Cods, Georgians, Greek Revivals, Dutch Colonials and Craftsman Cottages dot the landscape of the Town.

Fortier Mills architectural and building guidelines have been put in place to ensure that the subdivision is a good fit with the historic character of Annapolis Royal and to guarantee the quality of the homes in your community. The downloadable PDF offers a detailed breakdown of architectural and building guidelines.

Building Your Home

Lot purchasers have the option of working with Annapolis Home Hardware Building Centre to select a turnkey home package that complies with the Building and Architectural Guidelines of the development.

For information on turnkey house pricing please contact:
Robert Gennette at r.gennette@ahhbc.ca or
Rob Lawrie at r.lawrie@ahhbc.ca